My first few days in South Africa

WOW! It's incredible to me to think that I've been SA almost a week now. This time last week I was on a plane on my way here. The flights were looooong, but they went smoothly and we had very little turbulence. Between flights I ended up getting a bit sick- just a little dizzy, chills, and a headache. The headache lingered a couple days, but I'm feeling great now. I never had any trouble adjusting my sleep pattern, which I'm guessing is largely do to the fact that I didn't sleep much back in the states and what sleeping pattern I had was closer to SA time than Arizona time.

Meeting Raoul was just as wonderful as I thought it would be. What I didn't count on, especially after everyone's warnings, was how comfortable I was with him. It was a bit odd to be able to see and touch each other, but even with that newness I felt like we've always been together.

Everything in SA so far has been awesome. I've loved the weather- sunny, rainy, warm and's all been nice. I'm glad not to be in the boiling Arizona summer. Seeing all the trees and plant life has also been interesting. It's been so incredibly beautiful!

All the people I've met thus far have made me feel very welcome. It's been great to meet all the people with whom I've been corresponding. Irene also seems like an old friend with all the chatting we've done the past months. LĂ©hane and her family gave me a VERY enthusiastic welcome as well. I got a warm reception from Raoul's family as well, which was doubly wonderful. Then on Sunday morning I got to meet a bunch of new people - some of whom I had spoken with, and others I'd only heard about. Again, everyone made me feel very welcome and accepted.

My favourite thing I've experienced so far, besides just being with Raoul, is church and Bible study. The teaching has been absolutely wonderful. It's all taken straight from the Bible, and I love that. The church I was going to in the States was very nice, but the sermons were often more subject based with Biblical backing than Biblically based and applied to a subject. What they taught was sound, but not taken straight from scripture, and that's something I've really been longing for. I can already tell that I'll be growing a lot spiritually.

Well, more on general life later, but I'll wrap it up for now!