How am I finding Cape Town?

One of the questions I've heard most since arriving here is "So how are you finding South Africa/ Cape Town?" Weeeeeelllll...I looked it up on Google Earth once, seen it on maps and the globe of course, then a plane flew me here, so I just sat there and let the pilot find it, and since I can't drive, I just let Raoul find it now. Despite the fact that I've yet to find CT on my own except on a map, I'm loving it.  (For you American readers, "how are you finding..." is another way of asking "how do you like..")

 Unfortunately I've been sick off and on, first with tonsilitis, and now with some sort of stomach bug. I'm sure I'll be feeling better soon enough though. It's not as if I never got sick in the states. 

Things between Raoul and I are great, as always. As Raoul mentioned, we've had our little arguments, but nothing we couldn't resolve. I think there are two things that help us tremendously in our relationship. The first is our relationship with God. We both want to honour God as individuals, and therefore as a couple as well. In that, we also want to honour God in the way we treat each other. Both of us know our Bibles pretty well, and are of course making the effort to get to know it more through Bible study, in our church group and privately. When you obey Biblical principles, you can't go wrong with the way you treat each other. If we could just love with the love Christ showed, then every relationship would be perfect. We can't do that of course, so things aren't perfect. Even so, when you make the effort to follow God in your speech, actions, and the way you love, everything is bound to be better. 

The second thing I think that's helped Raoul and I has been our realistic view of things. We've been warned by soooo many people about various things. I know I personally have dealt with a lot of people warning me that Raoul may not be who I thought he was. (He is exactly who I thought he was though.) The other thing I've been warned about is that having a relationship, especially a marriage, is not as easy as it looks. I've been told not to expect that everything will be wonderful all the time, and to realize that we will fight, and will have times we don't want to be together, etc. The thing is, I never had the expectation in the first place that everything would be roses and rainbows. Raoul, being the "practical, logical programmer" that he is, never had those expectations of perfection either. However, we do love each other, and have decided, through much prayer, Bible studying, and counsel from friends, family, and pastors, that we want to go through this imperfect life together. Of course the fact that we had a year just to talk and get to know each other without the physical aspect helped as well. We got the chance to talk about EVERYTHING in our lives. We even went through several Christian premarital counseling questionaires together. It's really been amazing to see how God has orchestrated our relationship.