Here comes the 3 months

Please forgive my lack of blog entries. Expounding all the details of my personal life has never been a strength of mine.

Wedding plans have been coming along nicely. I had a shopping trip with Irene and Lehane a couple weeks ago and we bought all the material needed for my dress and veil, and then material for Lehane's dress as well. My material is an off-white duchess satin, and Lehane's is a lavender peachskin fabric. They're both very nice. We actually found my fabric for a very good price, and then we got a discount off that because of some marks on the fabric, so we got an awesome deal!

We also took a trip to Canal Walk (which is a very large mall, for all the non Cape Town readers) to see if we could get a good idea of where to buy my shoes. I wear a US size 11 shoe, which is a size 9 here- basically, I have huge feet and my size is hard to find no matter where you happen to live. We looked in a bunch of shoe shops and only found one that had my size in a shoe that would be appropriate for the wedding. Their shoes were nice but very expensive, and they also didn't carry white shoes in my size, so we actually would have needed to paint the shoes, which really didn't sound like a good idea to me. Irene had a brilliant idea though, which was to see if the ballet shop had ballet slippers in my size. After an extended search for the store itself, we went in and asked, and sure enough, they do make my size (though they aren't usually carried in store so they'd need to be ordered). When the salesladies heard that the shoes were for a wedding, they showed us how they can modify a slipper and give it a rubber sole and a small heel as well as use fabric that you provide so you can get a perfect match. This all sounded absolutely wonderful of course, but I was sure that it would be prohibitively expensive. Finally we did ask how much it would cost, and much to my amazement, it was about half the cost of the other shoes we had been considering! Thanks to Irene and her brilliant ideas, I'll now have a custom dress (made by her) AND custom shoes!

On Wednesday I'll be going into work with Raoul so I can meet Irene in town. She's finished the pattern and we need to have our first "fitting". This is all so exciting! Every girl dreams about her wedding and her wedding dress - even before she dreams about her man most of the time! Hehehe. Raoul is much more important to me than a dress or a fancy ceremony, but it sure is exciting to have everything coming together.

Raoul and I have also decided that we're going to do our own online wedding registery- that way there will be a list for people and they can indicate what they've bought (so we don't end up with 3 toasters or something), but they can buy it from wherever they want. We aren't going to have a registery at a specific store.

Let's see...besides wedding stuff, I haven't been doing a whole lot, so that's the main thing I wanted to talk about. Yesterday Raoul and I had a very nice day though. We spent the morning together and watched a movie, and then we went out for lunch. Raoul and I decided it would be fun to dress up a little when we went out, so he put on a button-up shirt and I dressed up in a skirt. We went out to the Spur in Fishoek and both had eisbein, which was very good, plus big enough to last us for dinner too! We were seated by the window, which overlooks the ocean, and I had a wonderful time looking outside. I know everyone in Cape Town is pretty nonplussed by the ocean, but I don't think it will ever lose it's charm for me- not after 19 years of being landlocked! Anyway, while looking out the window, I saw one of the most beautiful things ever - a rainbow over the ocean. It was so bright that you could see every colour clearly, and a few miutes later there was even a faint double rainbow! Looking at nature and seeing such beautiful things like that certainly makes me praise the Creator.

Well, I think that's all for now, but I'll try to write more regularly.