Essential Elaborations

Just to elaborate a little on Raoul's post, we did indeed get the paperwork to get a spousal visa. Now, reading his post, you might ask yourselves the question, "How can they get a spousal visa when they aren't spouses yet?" GOOD QUESTION! We asked the Home Affairs officer the same thing. He told us that as long as we did indeed intend on getting married and that I was planning on staying in the country that it was fine. Basically as long as I'm staying in the country and Raoul is taking responsibility then they don't mind that I'm here. I have to get a doctors report just that I'm in good general health and not carrying the black plague or anything, and a radiological report (to test for tuberculosis etc. I'm guessing) and then we have to write letters explaining our relationship and that we're getting married and Raoul is supporting me. It's not actually too much of a hassle  surprisingly. The hardest thing is finding the time to get appointments and go by Home Affairs.

 After going by Home Affairs, Raoul dropped me off at Irene's and we hung out for the afternoon. We had a second dress fitting and then went out for a nice long walk. It was an absolutely beautiful day today, and we had a good talk along the way. It was nice. I get to go bother Irene tomorrow as well. I think we're going to go out to the movies, so that will be fun.