Please pray for us

Well, I managed to get hold of home affairs yesterday and they said that the person in charge of the home affairs office wanted to interview us, most especially Hannah. So I asked the chap on the phone when we could come in for an interview, and he said anytime. So we decided to go in this morning.

Well, after a 35 minute wait in a queue of 5 people (including us), we got to the counter. The chap helping us found Hannah's application and saw that it had a note saying that this lady who heads up the Wynberg home affairs wanted to interview us, so he went looking for her. He came back and said that apparently she's not going to be in at all today.

So he said he'll book an interview for us, I must just phone back at 3:30 this afternoon and ask to speak to him.

Well, folks, please pray for us. I don't know why this lady wants to interview us, I don't see any problems with our application. Just pray that she's favourable toward us, and that our permit gets processed quickly in the few days before the wedding.