Arrival of the (future) parents-in-law

Well, Hannah's folks arrived last night. The plane was due to land at 20:40, but only landed at 20:56. Then they had to get luggage, and that was another 15 or so minutes. So eventually we got out of the airport at about 21:45. Then the dads went off looking for the car hire place, and that took goodness knows how long. All I know is that after leading them to their hotel and checking them in, it was well after 22:00 when we made our way home.

I'm glad to say that they arrived safely. We were slightly worried about Abby, since she'd been very sick just a few days before, but she seemed to be in hight spirits, and quite well. We had a really great surprise to see that Josh could make it as well! They'd kept it a secret from us for months already, and promised us a surprise, and what a surprise!

From my (Raoul) side, I found the kids mainly to be rather off-ish. Harmony ignored me completely, and I had to really push in (figuratively) to get them to respond to me. However, by the end of the evening they seemed to have warmed up to me, I'm glad to say. I can understand why they'd be a little offish: they'd never met me before, and this is the guy who "stole" their sister from them. I'm hoping to be able to spend some time with them, I'd LOVE to get to know them better.