That madhouse known as Home Affairs

So I finally got through to Home Affairs this afternoon. At this stage I'm really frustrated with them, and all the hassle I've gone through.

After trying all the normal numbers at my disposal, I decided to try this other number I was given, which is for Ms Allie, the head of Home Affairs in Wynberg. Mrs Coetzer, the lady who deals with the immigrations applications, answered, and I told her my story. She wasn't sure what I was talking about, and said that she would look, and then phone me back.

Phone me back? Yeah right! I've heard that one before. Mr Maree was supposed to phone me back lasty week. That's why I'm phoning again today.

To my surprise, about 10 minutes later, I got a phone call. It was Mrs Coetzer, and she said that our application was incomplete. Huh? I told her that when we submitted it, the lady took all our documents, looked at them, was happy with them, and that was it. We were under the impression that we had done all we needed to.

She then asked me a few questions about our relationship, when it started, etc, which I happily replied to and assured her that we were getting married this Saturday and wanted everything sorted out before then. After some more questions she was satisfied that Hannah wasn't just trying to get into the country, but was genuinely wanting to marry me.

Happy with my responses, she said that we need to come in tomorrow morning and sign this other piece of paper, and then go and see her, and we'll get everything sorted out, and we'll be set to get married on Saturday! What a relief!

So it seems that we're all set! The Lord has been extremely gracious to us, and I'm ecstatic! My stress levels have reduced to normal levels, and we're looking forward to our big day!