Moving... AGAIN...

Yes... we have to move... again...

I was really hoping to stay here in Muizenberg for more than just about 18 months. We really enjoy living here, and it's affordable. Unfortunately, we can't do that much longer.

The person who owns the town house we're in is our landlord's son, who has been in the UK for a few years, but now wants to return to South Africa. Unfortunately for us, that means that he wants his house back, and we have to move out. It's a pain, but I understand why, and I'm not complaining.

And so, we're house hunting. The one sticking point is Keena.

We obviously need to find somewhere that takes cats. I was in doubt about an apartment, but I've noticed that recently Keena doesn't venture outside often. She seems to be happy hanging around the house during the day, even though we're not here. And then when we *are* here, she doesn't go outside much further than our garden. So I think she'd be fine in a flat, which was my one worry.

The other worry is the money. We can't afford much at this stage, and so that unfortunately limits our scope of what we can find. We're hoping that next year Hannah can find some support, which will ease our finances (especially since we will be driving around to Bible studies, etc). But I'm not counting on it, so we have to find something that our finances can manage.

Of course then that leaves the actual moving. We have 3 beds, a couch, a chair, and lots of other things, and while most stuff I could probably fit in the car, things like the beds won't. So we'll see if we can hire a trailer for a weekend or something, and then transport the stuff ourselves. I'll probably see if I can rope Luke and Francois into helping me, as I'll need some assistance.

If there are any folk praying for us, we'd really appreciate you praying that we find somewhere that suits our pockets and our cat, that the move is smooth and easy, with no losses of furniture, and with little stress. We also want to move closer to town, so that it eases our petrol bill, so if you could pray that we find somewhere that's safe, but close to town.