Six Months

Well, Raoul and I have now been married for over 6 months, as of the 29th of March! We didn't do anything particularly special on the day because finances are tight for the month, but we're going to have a nice dinner at a very nice italian restaurant at the end of this month to celebrate.

It's crazy to think that some marriages don't even last for this long- it's definitely nowhere near long enough for us! I'm so looking forward to a life-long marriage, starting a family, watching our kids grow up, and growing old together. I'm sure there will be lots of hard times along the way, but there will be lots of great times too, and I think it's more than worth it.

God, please bless our marriage. Help us to constantly make You the center, and honour You in our marriage. Thank You for these first 6 months together, and please let there be many, many more. Amen.