Packages, parcels, boxes..whatever you want to call them

Hello there! Just a quick note to anyone who has, or may one day send us a package-

Raoul got the post from our old landlord yesterday and found that we had gotten a notice to pick up a parcel from the post office, but as it was a couple months old, the post office no longer has the parcel- it's either been returned to the sender, or sent to the RLO (we're not sure what that stands for either). We're going to try to find out where the parcel is and retrieve it, but we're not sure what will happen.

We weren't expecting a package, which is why we didn't ask our landlord about checking the post. Please, anyone sending parcels, if you could let us know you're sending one, and if you're sending from the
States (or other far away places), remind us about it around 6 weeks later, that would be great! Thanks!