I'm happy to announce that Raoul and I now have permanent 24-7 internet! We got an HSDPA modem from Vodacom, and we're using that to connect to the net. It's brilliant- we have speeds even higher than Raoul has at work! (People outside South Africa, don't get too excited- it's still not nearly the speeds you can get in the States or elsewhere, and there's still a monthly bandwidth cap.) It's going to be great to be able to get online any time we need to!

In other news, my birthday was yesterday! I'm quite happy to be 20 and not a teen anymore- now I sound ALMOST old enough to be married! I had a nice day- we just relaxed, and Raoul made a wonderful chicken pie for a late lunch- and even decorated it! (It's nice to have a late lunch on Sundays because with music practice, we never get a chance to eat until after we get home from church, by which time we're starving.) Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! My first South African birthday has been a good one.