A weekend at Buttonquail Nature Reserve

A few weeks ago Raoul and I were given the awesome opportunity to have a free weekend at Buttonquail Nature Reserve in exchange for doing a review for IOL Travel. We had an absolutely awesome time (despite getting sunburned), and were really thankful for the opportunity. It was something we definitely couldn't have afforded right now otherwise.

I put up some pictures of our time there, most of which don't have Raoul or I in them because we were taking pictures that they could use with the review. Raoul did manage to get a couple shots of me, but managed to avoid getting any pictures with him in them. Here's a link to the pictures: http://raoulsnyman.co.za/image_galleries/general/outings/buttonquail_wee... If you go through them from the "last" one to the "first" one you'll get the best understanding of how things are laid out.

IOL Travel put up our review today, which will give you the highlights of everything we did during the weekend. http://www.ioltravel.co.za/article/view/4827493