The Good Samaritan Prank

A friend of mine is in college, studying graphic design, and as part of his course his class has their own computer room. Now one day, he and two other class mates were upstairs in their computer lab, when someone from the computer lab downstairs started printing out her CV (aka resumé). Unbeknownst to her, she'd selected the wrong printer, and thus her CVs were being printed in their lab upstairs.

So, what happens when you print a "nasty-looking" CV done in Microsoft Word, using the Times New Roman font, into a room containing three bored graphic designers armed with Adobe inDesign and a whole library of professional typefaces?

Well, they gave her CV a facelift. They replaced Times New Roman with an elegant font, reformatted the CV, and printed it to one of the printers in the computer lab downstairs. She'll probably never know what happened to her resumé, but now she has 8 awesome ones!