How Crime And God's Grace Intersect

If you didn't catch on by the title, we were burgled last night. Hannah and I and the cats were not harmed in any way, but the burglars did make off with a few items.

Somewhere between midnight, when I went to bed, and 7am this morning, burglars gained access to our house via a window above the sliding door in our livingroom. They escaped by hopping over into the neighbour's yard, and then into the neighbours beyond them, before skirting round the outside of the far neighbour's house and back into the complex we live in.

When I got up this morning, I came downstairs and noticed that the sliding door to the garden was open wider than usual, and that my wallet was lying in the middle of the floor in front of the doorway. Then I looked to my right, and noticed Hannah's laptop was gone. At that moment I knew we'd been burgled.

I went to alert the security guard at the front gate of the complex, and when he came and had a look, I noticed that our digital camera had also been stolen. He called his supervisor, and I called the police, and while waiting for the police I went through what I thought had happened with the supervisor.

Unfortunately the supervisor seemed a little unimaginative and a little short on logic, because he didn't think my explanation was plausible. I could not see any other way in, other than what I described, and neither could Hannah. Fortunately for me, the police arrived, and the supervisor seemed to make a fairly hasty exit.

The police on the other hand were a lot more receptive to my theory, and took down my statement and wrote up the case. They told me that a detective would come round today, and the fingerprints team would come round either today or tomorrow. Later this morning I phoned the police station, and got hold of the case nuber for insurance purposes.

Once I had the case number, I phoned up my insurance, and they took my claim, and were going to organise for an assessor to come out and assess the value of the property that was stolen. Exactly how they're going to assess a non-existent laptop and camera, I have no idea, but Hannah and I have been pricing equivalents online in the mean time.

So how do we as Bible-believing Christians fit a burglary in with what we believe about God being a sovereign and loving God?

Well, firstly, the burglars managed to somehow drop my wallet on the way out. And on top of that, they didn't seem to notice it either. My wallet of course contains all my bank cards and my driver's license, and is therefore one of the last things I want stolen! How they could have missed that, I don't know, but I can only praise the Lord!

Then there's the fact that none of us were hurt in this whole event. The burglars evidently didn't want to wake us, and had I woken up, I would have gone downstairs to investigate. If I had gone to investigate, there's the possibility of my being attacked by the burglars and coming off second-best. In fact, in His sovereign Will, I had taken half a sleeping pill so that I would sleep properly, so I was sleeping too deeply to have been woken by noises downstairs.

The cherry on the cake, however, is Hannah's laptop. It had started to give in, and more and more of the keys on the keyboard were failing. Because of this, I had bought her a USB keyboard and mouse to use instead of the laptop's keyboard and touchpad. The burglars very kindly unplugged the keyboard and the mouse, and left them behind.

Because her laptop was giving in, we had already started planning on replacing it with a desktop computer, and had just started to source components for the computer. We had decided to buy a few components per month over a couple of months in order to spread out the expense. Now, thanks to the burglars, we'll claim the cost of the laptop from insurance, and should be able to buy a new computer all in one go with the money from the claim!

So, in the midst of some sad circumstances, we have a few new beginnings, and God has provided for us in a way I hadn't fathomed last night when trying to figure out how we were going to afford a new computer for Hannah.