A night in the hospital

I was admitted to the hospital wednesday night. I've had a bad case of gastric flu since Sunday, and haven't been able to get or keep fluids down. Being 5 months pregnant it's very important for the baby that I keep hydrated.We went to the doctor last night to see what I should do, and he suggested I go to hospital and be admitted with an IV drip, so that's what we did. I had an elevated heartrate (110 bpm compared to 79 bpm when I was released thursday), ketones in urine, and was showing other signs of dehydration.

It was a very long night- I only got into a room at about 1 am after leaving for the doctor at 8. All the doctors and nurses I dealt with were very kind though, and I was put in a private room (because the only space they had was in the postnatal ward and they obviously couldn't have any new moms and babies catching what I have). God is good and it was a lot better than it could have been. After about 3 litres of fluids I was released early thursday afternoon and given a couple safe meds I can take to help the nausea so I can keep things down at home. I'm still feeling quite sick with a bad stomach ache, so I'd really appreciate your prayers!

Baby seems to be doing fine- I was feeling good strong movements even while I was dehydrated, and I actually felt the baby move from the outside for the first time thursday morning!