Your honour, I present exhibit A

As I blogged earlier, we were burgled in February, and Hannah's laptop, and our R9000 digital camera were stolen. Since then, I've been corresponding with the insurance assessor, trying to get insurance to agree to pay out for the two items that were stolen.

Now, Hannah bought those two things while she was still living in the USA, which means that when she moved over here, she threw away the receipts when she moved over here. So when the assessor was assessing the burglary, he asked for proof of purchase, but we couldn't supply him with the receipts.

The burglars had left the lens cap and charger for the camera behind, so the insurance company was happy to pay out for the camera, but we didn't really have anything left of the laptop. We found the "recovery CD" for the laptop, but when we submitted that, the insurance company refused to accept it as a proof of purchase. Eventually, I phoned our broker, and chatted to them about it.

Hannah reminded me the other day that we do have some photos of her using the laptop, so when I was chatting to the broker, I told them that we have photos, and asked whether that would work. They weren't sure, but said that I should forward the photos on to the assessor, who would send them on to the broker, who in turn would send them on to the insurance company (wow, what a palava!).

At this stage I was really getting fed up with the insurance company, and I had thought that if the photos didn't work, then I didn't know what *would* work, and I'd have to phone the insurance company directly, and ask them how I could prove to them that we owned that stuff. The words going through my head at that stage went something like this: "So, while I could prove in a court of law that we owned that laptop, you won't accept my evidence?"

Anyways, so I duly e-mailed the photos off and 2 days later, to my surprise, I had some good news!

The insurance company has agreed to pay out for both the laptop and the camera. Not only that, they've agreed to pay out the full amount we asked for!

Hannah is really glad that she can finally have her own computer again, that she doesn't have to use my old Windows testing machine (I use it to test websites in Internet Exploder, and my cross platform apps), and she can get back to using Kubuntu Linux again.