Our Trip to Joburg

Well, it's been a couple weeks since we got back from our trip to Johannesburg, but after much urging, cajoling, etc (as usual- I'm no blogger) from Raoul I'm only blogging about it now.

We left for Joburg on Monday the 23rd of April. Truly the highlight of the flight was hearing the head flight attendant (otherwise known as "The Boss"- that's what it says on their name tag) give the Kulula flight speech. "We all know there are many ways to get away with crime and corruption and still become President...(intentional pause) of a company...but there are only 8 ways out of this aircraft." and, "There are several rivers, lakes, ponds, and 167 swimming pools between here and Joburg, so in the unlikely event of a water landing, there are life vests under your seats." We got a good few laughs!

Once in Joburg and we'd rented our car we got our first taste of Joburg in the form of traffic- tons of it. On a good day in Joburg there seems to be about 15 times more traffic than there is in Cape Town (and that's not even rush hour). Eventually we arrived at our motel- the Randburg Road Lodge. We were very pleased with the accomodation and found that it was even more conveniently located for what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go than we'd thought.

From there on our time was spent in a flurry of meeting friends (most of whom we'd never met in person), meals out, shopping, visiting some old haunts from when Raoul used to live in Joburg, a trip to the zoo, a student rally where we went to see ::harbourlight:: again (they were awesome, as usual!), and "Adventure Golf" (otherwise known as the most elaborate putt-putt known to man). We had a wonderful time, even if we were a little overwhelmed and tired out by the pace of things at times.

On Saturday we got to our reason for coming to Joburg in the first place- our friend Dee's wedding. We arrived a bit early, and the wedding started pretty late, but it was an absolutely gorgeous wedding! Dee looked radiant, her dress was stunning, and Kgabo (the groom), looked pretty dashing himself. The ceremony was beautiful, and I especially loved the vows they said in which they promised to take their biblical roles as husband and wife- Dee vowing to give headship of the family to Kgabo and submit to him, and Kgabo promising to lead the family and to love his wife as Christ loves the church. After the ceremony and a lengthy photo session we headed over to the reception hall, which was decorated resplendently- Dee did an absolutely wonderful job! We headed out before the dancing began as we were quite tired by that time and still needed to get to Pretoria, but we were so happy to have been able to go to the wedding and show or love for Dee.

We spent Saturday night in Pretoria with some friends of Raoul's via OpenLP- again, people we'd not met in person until then. We immediately felt like old friends and had a lovely time visiting (or at least Raoul did- it wasn't long before I was so tired I headed to bed). We left not long after getting back from church Sunday morning, and though we enjoyed our trip we were very happy to get home and collapse!