A new camera!

We got a new camera! Yay! Here's a juicy photo:

Canon EOS 450D Bundle Box

It's rather difficult taking a photo of your camera with that camera, so I unfortunately had to settle for a photo of the box!

Well, as I previously blogged, our insurance eventually paid out for the camera and the laptop, and so while Hannah was looking for bread machines on Makro's site, she picked up this bundle, saw it was a good price, and we decided to take a visit to the Makro in Ottery to see if they still had any in stock.

When we got to Makro, we saw that they had a bundle on special, the Canon EOS 450D plus a 250GB portable hard drive. Not the bundle we were looking for (and I don't get how you'd need a 250GB portable hard drive anyways!). So we asked the chap at the counter if they still had stock of the other bundle.

He called over another assistant, who then went off to see what he could find in the store room. The assistant eventally came back with the box you see above, having taken about 10 minutes to find it. The sales guy commented that it was most probably the last one in stock, since the assistant took so long to find it!

For those who are interested, here are the specs:

  • Digital SLR
  • 12.2 Megapixels
  • 18-55mm Lens
  • Has AutoFocus (if you want)