A belated birthday bread machine and two baby buys

Like the alliteration?

My 21st birthday was last month and Raoul insisted that because it was my 21st (quite a milestone) that I couldn't just ask for books or other little things as my present- I had to ask for something big and something that I'd really enjoy. It took me awhile to think of something.

I first thought of a comfy chair- a recliner, rocking chair, or a comfy armchair, because it would be great to have a really nice chair to sit in while I feed the baby, or just for reading or whatever. After doing a bit of research though, I quickly came to the conclusion that furniture (even used), is very expensive here and would be outside the realms of possibility at this time, so I continued my quest for the perfect present.

Something that had been in the back of my mind for a while was a bread machine. My mom had one, but really hadn't used it much (at least not before I left the states), but what really got me thinking about it is hearing about how a friend from church uses it for their family. They make ALL of their bread, rolls, pizza crust, etc. using the bread machine- sometimes it runs 2-3 times a day! I love homemade bread, and I figured if I would use it to make even 1 loaf of bread (or something) per week, it would be worth it, so I asked for a bread machine for my birthday!

On our shopping trip to Makro (where we got the camera), we saw a bread machine for a good price, and so we got one that same day. That day was even better than Christmas! I got a bread machine, a new camera, and a package from my mom on the same day! We've used the bread machine quite a number of times now. We've made bread about 6-8 times and I also used it to make the dough for cinnamon rolls and again for pizza crust. We've only had one flop so far, and everything else turned out magnificently. I'm definitely happy with my birthday present!

Since I'm writing one blog for the last month and a half (yes, I'm terrible at this blogging thing- you already know that), I have more to write about than just the bread machine. We've finally started buying things for the baby!

We wanted to get the big things out of the way first, so we've bought a carseat and a cot (no, we're not having our baby sleep on an army cot- it's the South African term for what's known as a crib in the US. Here a crib is what's known in the US as a bassinet). Actually, we were EXTREMELY blessed by a friend from the states who gave us $150 to go towards baby things (Thanks again, Josh!), and so we were able to buy the carseat and pay a good deal of the cost of a cot with that money.

As you can see in the picture of the carseat, we got a snazzy looking silver/gray model- have to have your accessories match your car you know! It will be great for a boy or a girl- just hoping they won't grow out of it too fast! The toddler seats are quite expensive, so we need the time to save up! We got the carseat at Baby City, after looking at a couple other places.

New cots are VERY expensive here, so I'd been looking at cots on gumtree (like craigslist) for awhile and seeing if I could find anything there. I replied to a few ads, but every time I tried the cot had already been bought by someone else (at times only half an hour after the ad was placed!). One shop called Baby Steps posted a number of ads. It looked like they were a second hand shop of sorts. We finally got a chance to go check them out this past Saturday, and sure enough, they had a number of second hand cots, along with other baby things- some new and some used. A few of the cots looked brand new, and were outside our price range, but there was one cot that wasn't, and low and behold, it was perfect for us, so needless to say, we got it! The owner of the shop even very kindly threw in a very nice gently used mattress for us for free! The cot is an older model and what's great about it is that it has drawers underneath the cot for storage (which we desperately need). I don't have a picture of it to show yet, since it's still in pieces (we got it delivered that way so we could get it upstairs), and we're going to repaint it. It's currently an odd tan colour- sort of a taupe, for those of you who know what that looks like. We're going to paint it white with light green drawers. I'll make sure we post a picture after we get that done!