Preparing for Baby: Operation Cot Repaint

So over the last 8 months since we found out that Hannah is pregnant, we've been slowly but surely preparing for the arrival of the new addition to the family. One of the things we've recently done is to buy a second-hand cot. Of course this means that we might not be able to get a cot in the colour we want, and sure enough, this one was a dirty pink colour. Yuck.

So, Operation Cot Repaint was started.

First, we needed some supplies:

Painting Supplies

Of course, if you're repainting something, you need to decide on the new colours. We wanted to paint the cot green, as it is a neutral colour, and it's a very nice colour (not to mention it looks good on Hannah!). We wanted a very light green for most of the cot, and Hannah was determined to get a nice grass-colour green for the drawers.

New Cot Colours

And then it was time to get cracking!

Here I took the cot end board outside and started the paint stripping process.

Cot End Board: Before Stripping

After about 5 minutes of applying the paint stripper, waiting 15 minutes for it to take effect, and then another 15 minutes of scraping old paint off, we have one side complete!

Cot End Board Phase 1: Stripping Paint

That's as far as I have gotten. Our dear friend Francois du Toit has decided to come on over this coming Sunday and help me strip the other end board down, and hopefully we'll start on the sanding too.