Some more progress on the cot

Unfortunately due to the rainy winter weather here in Cape Town, and due to lots of visiting/visitors, I haven't had as much chance to work on the cot as I would have liked to. Fortunately this past Sunday we weren't out galavanting, and it was nice and sunny, so I was able to sand down the second cot end board.

A few weeks ago I had Luke, Francois and Roger come and do some stripping and sanding for me, and then last weekend I roped my dad and Etienne (my youngest brother) in to doing some more stripping. All that was left of the 2 end boards after these two weekends was the sanding of the second, which I then accomplished on Sunday morning.

That's not it, unfortunately. I still have the drawer fronts, the base, and the sides (lovely difficult vertical bars!) to both strip and sand. And then I have to paint it all. Twice.

My boss has fortunately agreed to give me Wednesday when Hannah goes in for her caesarean section, plus the whole of the following week off to take care of Hannah and the baby. I hope that next week is nice and sunny and that I'll be able to get some time to work on the cot some more.

Hannah's mom is also going to be flying down (she got an incredible deal thanks to Nathan working for an airline company), and she should be arriving early next week. That should also free me up to do more work on the cot, I won't have to run around for Hannah so much.

Oh, you're probably wanting to see a photo of the sanded cot end board now, hey?

Sanded Cot End Board