Zak's first bath at home

Yesterday evening Raoul gave Zak his first bath at home, clearly an event to be well documented! I was rather glad that he was the one giving the bath and not me- it doesn't look like an easy task. First Raoul got all of the necessary supplies together:

  • Baby bath
  • Cotton Wool
  • Towel
  • Baby soap/shampoo
  • Rubber duckies!

Rubber duckies are a bath necessity!

The first thing Raoul did was clean up Zak's face with warm water and cotton wool. Unfortunately I hadn't grabbed the camera at that point, but I did catch the next part- washing the hair!

I'm not so sure about this hair washing thing!

We don't want Zak to get too cold- that would just make the whole procedure even more unpleasant for the little guy! The next step then was to dry his hair.

Dad, are you sure we have to do this?

After getting Zak's hair dried and lulling the poor boy into a false sense of security, Dad got to the really unpleasant part- bathing the body!

The rubber duckies aren't helping, Dad!

After all that unpleasantness it was time to get Zachary dried off.

Yes, get me dry- pronto!

Zak began to relax quite a bit once he was dry.

Ahh, that feels better

Getting dressed is the next step of course. Raoul started by putting Zak's shirt on to get him warm quickly.

A blue shirt? Cliche, but I like it!

Putting the nappy on was the next step- for once putting a nappy on a bum that was already clean! (Of course, it was a nice dirty one before the bath started.)

Don't worry, I'll dirty it for you soon!

Pants come next.

Nice and comfy, just the way I like them!

Have to keep those little feet warm, so the socks go on next...not that they'll stay on for long with Zak's wriggling!

I put my right foot in and I shake it all about...

Finally finished- Zak's feeling much better, and Dad feels accomplished and has a very sore back!

I hope we don't have to do all that again any time soon...

Well done Dad, you did an awesome job!