Nana's Visit

At Hannah's request, her mom came out to South Africa for a few weeks to help us out. We've been really grateful that she's here, she's been such a great help. I know that with me back at work, Hannah has needed an extra set of hands to help her out.

Of course, one of the many advantages of coming to visit is that Nana gets to hold him!

Nana And Zak

Mom came bearing gifts from the rest of the family! Dad gave Zak an awesome cow that is fun to touch and has a string you can pull to make a noise.

Dad's Present

A lot of family sent money over with Mom, so we went out on a shopping trip to get more pressies for Zak. Dad just couldn't resist getting a cool alphanumeric-puzzle play mat.

Play Mat Present

Mom has been wanting to get a Bumbo seat for ages, Dad jumped on the Gummy Bears when he saw them, Mom and Nana also picked up some extra sheets for the cot and some toy keys.

Bumbo and Other Presents

Later, it was bath time again. This time wasn't as bad as last time, the water was a little warmer, and Dad was a little more practiced. Zak still doesn't like the bath, but he's warming up to the idea (if you'll excuse the pun).

Another Bath

Zak was soon clean, warm, wrapped up, and in Mom's arms again, the best place to be!

All Clean!

The cats are another subject. Keena has once again been highly upset by the new intruder. This time however, she's coming round faster than when we brought Merlo home. She's just started getting interested in Zak, after prettty much ignoring from when he got home.

Merlo, on the other hand, has been extremely curious, but rather scared of Zak at the same time. One evening she jumped up onto my lap as I was sitting at the computer and holding Zak, without realising that I was holding him. She enjoyed a scratch or two from me before she realised Zak was there too, and jumped back down.

Merlo and Zak

One of the things that has caused us much giggling these first 2 weeks of Zak's life, is the way he wakes up. He wiggles around, and puts on the most funny faces ever!

Zak Sleeping: Movement 1

Zak Sleeping: Movement 2

Zak Sleeping: Movement 3

Zal Sleeping: Momvement 4

That's all for now, folks!