Mommy Training

As parents, we're supposed to teach and train our children, but I think at this stage he's the one doing the training! I know as the weeks, months, and years go by, I'll learn a lot from Zak and whatever children come after him, but right now I'm mastering the basics.

Mommy 101: How to keep baby happy

First off, every baby will have some moments of unhappiness, even if they're an awesomely happy and content baby like Zak.


He's NOT happy!

Obviously this is not a desireable state for the baby or the parents. What can we do to alleviate this unhappiness? I propose giving the baby a dummy (binky, pacifier).

Like so:

Administer the dummy.

You should notice a visible improvement in the baby's manner.


Zak's demeanor has drastically improved.

Should your baby be tired or simply uninterested in the dummy, you may observe the following cycle:

Step 1:

The baby drops the dummy.

Step 2:

The baby protests the loss of the dummy.

Step 3:


At this point you'll want to go back and reinsert the dummy, as previously demonstrated. This cycle may repeat itself a nearly infinite number of times if you allow it to do so. Certainly it can become wearying, but one might argue that it's worth the trouble when presented with the sight of a content baby.


A content baby.

That concludes today's tutorial in Mommy 101. Please complete the questions at the back of the chapter 5: Keeping Baby Happy.


Ahhh, such fun! I couldn't resist getting some pictures of Zak when he wasn't happy- he's cute even when he's screaming! Naturally I actually was comforting him- Daddy was the one taking the pictures. Zak really does like his Bumbo seat, but he was a tired, grumpy, and fighting sleep at the time. I decided to put him in the Bumbo for a couple minutes to wear him out a bit to see if he would sleep afterwards. If I remember correctly, it worked!