Zak's new skills...

Here I sit, with my son gnawing and slobbering on my wrist as I bounce him on my knee, pondering all the new things he's learned in the past couple weeks. It's really amazing how much Zak is doing these days. He's gone from just watching (and being watched) captivated at what's going on, to doing things that influence his surroundings (in ways not related to gobbing).

For instance, Zak has started rolling over! He started rolling over from lying on his back to lying on his stomach, and he still hasn't rolled the other way (though he's come close!). I'm told most babies roll from stomach to back first, but Zak decided he wanted to be different. He still doesn't roll often, but I know he knows how and it wasn't just a fluke because he only rolls over when he wants to reach for or look at something that's out of his reach.We haven't managed to get a video of that yet.

Zak is also starting to develop his hand-eye coordination. He's reaching for and grabbing things, and it's becoming much more intentional. He's been batting at things for a while now, but it was more about swinging his arms around than about intentionally going for something. We were quite surprised when Zak grabbed hold of the cow on his play gym and started pulling it. The evening we got that video was the first time he ever did that! As you also saw on another video, he's starting to be able to put his dummy back in his mouth (if he takes it out and still has it in his hand anyway).

Raoul and I are really enjoying being able to start playing with him, hearing his first giggles, swinging him around and getting huge grins, and still being able to have plenty of cuddle time. I love seeing all of Zak's "firsts" and watching him discover new skills.

And on that note, I'll let Zak end this off before I change his nappy:


Wise words indeed...