Shameless Bragging

Well, it's that time again folks- the time I get a bee (named Raoul) in my bonnet and blog!

Our son is AMAZING! I mean, I'm sure everyone already knows that from the pictures and videos we've posted, but really, he is. Zak JUST turned 4 months old, and from what I've heard and read, he's already starting to hit 6 month milestones. w00t- go Zak!

The only time he likes to lie down anymore is if he's eating or sleeping; any other time he has to be sitting or preferably standing. He's even standing (with something to steady himself against) on his own now! He's also sitting on his own in the tripod position (with his arms by his legs to hold himself up) for short periods of time. It's incredible to actually see him SIT on my lap now without holding him up. Only a few short months ago he couldn't even hold his head up for long! He's rolling in both directions now, and even rolling over and over again so that he goes places (not intentionally yet). The other day we had him on a blanket on the floor and he rolled over a few times until he was pretty much under the bed in our living room.

As Raoul mentioned, Zak loves to be tossed around. He doesn't want to be still- EVER. Constant motion is the key to happiness! Raoul and I are definitely building our arm muscles up bouncing him, tossing him, "flying" him round the room, etc. The funny little boy even likes going upside down. That's one of his favourite things to do with Daddy, and boy, the giggles are so cute! He already loves roughhousing with his Dad!

He's also found his feet (so cute!), and Mommy's hair (not so cute- ow!).

I'd write more, but Zak awakens, and I'd rather avoid wailing and gnashing of gums.