A Last.fm Milestone

As most folks know, I listen to a lot of music. There is always music playing in our house when I'm around, and at work I have my earphones plugged in and in between meetings I listen to music to drown out the noise around me.

Last.fm is a site that people can use to track how much they listen to their music, and I've been tracking my music since March 2006. My music player, Amarok, automatically submits each of the songs it plays to Last.fm under my user.

For a while now I have known that I'm close to 10,000 listens of Skillet songs, and then yesterday I noticed that I was 4 plays away from 10,000, and 4 plays away from 9,000 for Newsboys songs. So I set up my playlist to get me to 10,000 and 9,000 respectively.

And here's the proof:

Last.fm Milestone