It's time for another brag post!

It is CRAZY how active this little guy is! He's definitely advanced on his motor milestones- get a load of this!

Zak starting to crawl

Zak crawling

Zak takes a dive

He's up again!

That's right folks, He's CRAWLING! He's thankfully not too fast yet, but I'm SURE it won't be long, knowing him. This morning he was crawling all over the floor downstairs after his toys (special thanks to Auntie Harmony for the turtle on wheels- awesome toy for crawling!). Oh, and by the way, you think crawling is cool, check these out!

Zak standing

hands free!

Oh yeah, he's STANDING! And in that second picture, he's BARELY touching the bed- he's even let go of everything entirely and stood without any support for a couple seconds at a time. He's been able to stand for quite a while, but now he's actually pulling himself up on objects to stand without our help. And...


He's actually starting to CRUISE! Can you believe it?!?! He's only 6 and 1/2 months old! I wonder how long it will be before he's actually walking. He's actually tried to walk to us (and fell after the first step). Zak just can't stop moving. Wow...I thought we'd get to this stage at about 9 months, maybe a little earlier, but definitely not 6 months!

So there are my GINORMOUS brags! Zak is also eating some solids now (and we skipped purees, so he's really having fun!), and you can see some pictures of that on my photoblog (