Wrapstar Carrier!

The Wrapstar is AWESOME. My first Mei Tai, and I got two successful back carries today! (Plus 3 front carries!)

On a side note, I HATE customs. We had to pay the equivalent of $50 just to pick it up from the post office...I could have bought another carrier for that amount- yikes!

Okay, time for the all important PICTURES! Unfortunately I only have 2 to share at the moment, but I'll probably add a couple more in the next couple days. Sorry for the cell phone pics- it's the only camera we have at the moment!


back carry

I was impressed- I have enough strap to do a lexi twist and tie tibetan, and I'm a size 18/20! Those are pics of my second back carry (after Raoul got home to take pics). I think the first one might have been a little better as far as having him in a good seated position goes, but he still settled down and seemed comfortable in this!

I love our Sleepy Wrap, but Zak is getting a bit too big for it, plus the Wrapstar is a lot less hot than the Sleepy Wrap, which is great for these summer months!