Post Office woes (again)

We often get parcels sent over here from the family in the USA, since at times they can get things cheaper than we can get them here. However, almost every time a parcel has been sent over, we've had to clash with the South African Post Office.

Why? For one simple reason: the collection notices never reach our post box (mail box, to the Americans reading this).

This morning I phoned up the post office's central call centre to see if I could track down the latest parcel from the States. Fortunately for me (thanks Mom!!), when they sent the package, an e-mail was sent to me with the parcel tracking code. So armed with this, I phoned them, and after the usual 10 minute wait, I got a lady who was able to tell me the South African tracking number, and the fact that the parcel has been sitting at the Muizenberg post office since the 20th of May!!

What really frustrates me is that we went to the post office on the 28th of May (if I remember correctly) and they couldn't find the parcel! The last time we asked the post office about these collection notices, they said that a 3rd party delivers them, and that's why they're so late.

I can understand that the Muizenberg post office can't do much about it, but honestly, when I get the first notice 3 weeks after the final notice is sent, then they really need to do something about it!