Long time no see!

It's been a long time since I've blogged, and an even longer time since you've seen a video of Zak. I'm setting both of those things to rights in this post.

Zak will be 11 months old tomorrow. ELEVEN months! It's hard to believe he's almost a year old. I can't believe how big he's grown, and how much he's changed. I remember back when he was a newborn looking at 3-6 month size clothes and thinking they looked enormous. Now he's growing out of some of his 6-12 month size things.

I love seeing all the new things he's learned over the months, and all the little ways he's changing from a baby into a little boy. For instance, Zak's Auntie Neenee bought him a turtle with wheels, and he loves playing with it. When he first started playing with it, he would just hold it, slobber on it, and give it the occasional shake- now he pushes it around the room, makes it turn, and even tries to push it up and over things, just like a little boy playing cars.

Zak has started taking steps now, although he's not really walking yet. Crawling is still a more efficient way to get from A to B for him, so he's sticking mostly with that. He loves to walk with Raoul and/or I. He walks great just holding onto one hand.

One of Zak's favourite things is bath/shower time. He LOVES it! As soon as we put him on the bed to start getting undressed, he's giggling, squealing, and just having a blast. We usually shower him, but when we take a bath, he LOVES to splash. He also tries to stand up and swing from the shower cord. He looks like a little Tarzan, swinging from a vine. Of course, we don't actually let him do that, but that's what he reminds me of.

Now that I've told you a little about Zak, how about watching some videos?

Here's Zak taking steps:

Zak waving and clapping:

Zak playing: