Pregnant again!

That's right! For anyone who hasn't heard via facebook, I'm expecting again! I'm due May 12, 2011, and I'm currently nine weeks pregnant (as of today!).

So far this pregnancy is starting off a bit different than last time. I've had more morning sickness- not awful, just a lot of days of feeling nauseous all day long. That seems to be subsiding though thankfully. Besides that I haven't had many symptoms. I'm tired, but I was very tired with Zak too, and now that I have him running around, I thought I'd be even more tired than I am. I've been sharing naptime with Zak, and I think that's been helping.

The biggest difference though is a quite visible one. My belly is getting huge already! With Zak I wasn't noticeably showing until 18-20 weeks, but right now I'm 9 weeks and well...I'll just show you.

Here's the most recent picture I have of me before I got pregnant (taken a couple months ago), not a brilliant example, but you get the idea:

wearing Zak


And here I am today:

9 weeks

9 weeks


Just for comparison, here I am at 24 weeks pregnant with Zak:

24 weeks pregnant with Zak


I'm not quite that big yet, but I think I'm scarily close for only being 9 weeks pregnant!

Before anyone asks, I don't know if it's twins, but I'm assuming it's not! I have my first OB appointment at the end of the month and I should have a scan then. Until proven otherwise though, I'm assuming it's just one! My lovely sister Abigail is currently pregnant with twins, so I figure the odds of us both being pregnant with twins is pretty astronomical.