Latest News

Just some quick updates...

  • Turned out we had a miscarriage. A blighted ovum to be precise, which is *very* common.
  • Had to go into hospital for a day to have a D&C (I still don't know what that stands for, you'll have to ask Hannah).
  • It's been about 4 weeks since the D&C. We are fine.
  • I got my dream phone, the Nokia N900. See my technical blog for more posts about that.
  • Zak is learning more and more each day. He now understands us very well, and can do a few simple tasks (like taking his dirty nappies and putting them in the rubbish bin).
  • Zak's physical milestones continue to march again. He can "spin" around (see YouTube clip below), and walk backwards.
  • He is also starting to go on long-ish walks. He can walk all the way around our complex twice with ease.
  • He also is happy to hold my or Hannah's hand when we tell him to. When he first started walking he didn't want any "support" so he refused to hold our hands.
  • We got a snake. A 3 year old male corn snake called Dynamite. He's very tame and very docile. We got him from some friends of ours who were going back to the USA for a year, and needed someone to look after him. I bought him from them, with the option for them to buy him back from me when they get back here.

That's all from me for now, toodles!