Becoming a Manly Man

So, since we've moved into a new house, I've started becoming more of a Manly Man.

What is a Manly Man, you ask?

A Manly Man is a man who knows how to work on a variety of household things, including kitchen appliances, cars, light fittings, doors, rooms, etc. Painting a room is a Manly Man thing, as is fixing washing machines and fixing door handles, which I did this past week.

Two of the doors in our house had broken catch mechanisms, so that if you closed the door it would just swing open again. So I had to take the entire handle and lock out of the doors, fix them, and then screw them back in.

Oh, and I didn't really fix the washing machine, I just figured out how it's actually supposed to work (I guess if we still had the manual, it would probably say so in there). The outlet pipe was just letting the water flow right through from the drum and into the drain. All I had to do was lift the pipe off the floor and the water stayed inside the washing machine. Simple!

I see I have a light bulb that needs replacing, and most of the lights could do with covers, so we'll be looking out for those and I'll be putting those up too. More Manly Man work for me!