Moments with Zak

Zak's done some really cute things lately that I don't want to forget, and I'd like to share them so you all get some joy out of them too! So here are a couple of the sweet moments we've had with our little whirlwind lately.

On Saturday we went out for our weekly grocery shop. Zak LOVES fruit, and lately he's been wanting to eat all day long, so I got some grapes, naartjies (tangerines), and plums. He likes all of them but he's been on a plum kick lately, only he can't say the word plum. It's quite funny because he can normally pronounce P's just fine, even if he can't get the L (so he says "peas" for "please", in the typical toddler way). When he first started trying to say "plum" it came out "cum". Now he's progressed to "cwum" (sounds like he's trying to say "crumb"). Yesterday he was begging for a plum and I was mentioning to Raoul how funny it is that he can say other P words, but when he says "plum" it comes out like a C. So I told Zak, "Say plum. P-p-plum." So Zak said several times over, "P-p-cwum! P-p-cwum!" It was adorable. I'm going to try to get it on video.

Last night while Zak was watching a movie, Raoul made himself and me some coffee. Raoul stood behind Zak and watched the movie for a minute, coffee in hand, when some music came on in the movie. Zak got down from his chair and started pulling Raoul's hand saying, "Come Daddy, come!" He pulled Raoul into the kitchen over to the counter and said, "Put down coffee. Put it down." So Raoul put down his coffee and Zak pulled Raoul back into the lounge and grabbed both of Raoul's hands and started spinning around with him and dancing to the music. It was adorable and we both thought it was very smart of him to think of Raoul needing to put his coffee down in the kitchen before he could dance.