Boy after my own heart...

Zak goes to bed later than any other child his age I know. We're talking 10 pm or later. We didn't plan it that way, and we didn't really WANT it that way, but after months spent trying everything we could possibly think of (and read about, and asked friends about, etc) to get him on an earlier schedule and nothing working, we eventually gave up. When we tried building a strict routine and putting him to bed earlier, he would fuss and cry and nurse for hours until he'd finally fall asleep at 10 pm or later (even if we began the bed process at 6). If we tried getting him up in the morning before he was ready, he would cry and fuss for hours until we put him back to bed. Same thing if we tried to move a nap, or keep him up from a nap. No matter how long we kept at it, or whether we tried moving times back in small increments or large, or bathed him before bed, or sang, or read matter what we did, he'd fall asleep after 10, wake up at about 9, and take his naps when he was ready for them. Our tries at changing his schedule only resulted in frustration and stress and anger for everyone involved, so we gave up, and life was peaceful again.

Since Raoul and I both tend to be night owls, I haven't been very surprised that Zak is one as well, although it certainly wasn't what I imagined or planned on (I thought going to bed early was just something that all babies/toddlers did fairly naturally, or that it was at least something you could change with a few weeks of effort...not for us!). It would be nice sometimes to have him in bed at least an hour earlier so Raoul and I have more time to ourselves in the evening, but we manage just fine really.

Thursday morning I was reminded how nice it actually is to have him on a late schedule. We had to get up early (before 6 am) to get ready and catch the train so we could go into town and get my visa. It took a while to wake Zak up (he's always been a slow waker, even as a newborn), and once he was awake, he was quite confused about WHY he had to be awake. I explained that we needed to get dressed and eat breakfast so that we could go on the train (which was the selling point- he loves trains). He just kept saying, "But it's DARK!" Yep. "Zak, don't you want to go eat some cereal?" "Can't eat cereal- it's DARK!" Yup- that's my boy! Most of my friends are lucky if their kids sleep until 6, and here's my son, looking incredulous at the suggestion we actually get up and eat breakfast when it's still dark.

I just hope the new baby won't be an early bird or I'll be burning the candle on both ends!