31 Days of Parenting Littles: Say

What words do you say the most when it comes to your children? What words do you say the most TO them, and what words do you say the most ABOUT them? I bet a lot of people with young children like mine would probably have to admit that "No!" is one of the main words they say to their children. I'm sure that's the case in our home as well, though I wish it weren't! What about the words you say ABOUT your children? How do you describe them to others? Do you find yourself complaining about your kids or building them up in the presence of others? One of the things I consciously try to do is to build my children up when I talk about them to other people- whether my children are in hearing range or not. I am realistic, but I want to be positive about my kids and I want other peopele to see them in a positive light as well- not through a lens coloured by my complaints. When I talk TO my children, I try to build them up and not tear them down as well. I'm far from perfect in the way I speak to my children. Having kids brought out a temper I didn't even know I had, and I really have to work at how and what I say to them sometimes. It hurts because I love them SO much, and I want them to know that I treasure them and value them. Right now I am better in how I speak about them to others than in how I speak to them, and I need to improve in that area.

This post is part of my 31 Days of 5 Minute Free Writes. See my first post if you haven't heard of 5 minute free writes.