31 Days of Parenting Littles: Long

I try to avoid clich├ęs for the most part, but sometimes you come across one that is just all too true. One of my favourite parenting sayings is, "the days are long but the years are short". It's just SO TRUE. Some days just drag by and feel unending (doubly so if you're in a stage where your baby/toddler/child isn't sleeping...those days it kind of seems like "the days (and nights) are long but the naps are short"!). When you look back over weeks, months, and years though, it all seems to have gone by so quickly. I can't believe we have a 5 year old now! In some ways it seems like forever since we were first time parents, bringing Zak home from the hospital, but in other ways it just seems gone so fast.

At any rate, today has been one of those LONG days, and I'm exhausted. The day started too early for my taste and Anneke had an epic projectile poo explosion at midday while I was changing a nappy which meant both she and Josiah (who was apparently feeling very empathetic today) were crying in tandem while I sat covered in poo trying to contain the mess and stop the crying. The funny thing was, as a third time mom, I found it amusing, when I know if it had happened when Zak was a baby, I would have been panicked! After that, Josiah had a disappointingly short nap. It was just one of those days!

This post is part of my 31 Days of 5 Minute Free Writes. See my first post if you haven't heard of 5 minute free writes.