A weekend of cleaning - Friday night

This is a bit of a late post... I've had a bit of a hectic week. I'll probably post another entry about this week later today or this evening.

Well, Friday night I decided it was time to clean out the fish tank. I needed to move it off the floor for winter, and you need to empty it in anycase, so why not clean it at the same time. However, this was more of a palava than it sounds.


More fish saga & Mom's arrival

Well, Harry seems to be getting better. I took a good look at him while changing the water of the hospital last night, and the fin rot seems to be receding once again, so I'm confident of his return to health. In other words, the fish medicine seems to be working. This time however, I have decided to wait until I can't see anymore fungus on him before releasing him back to the tank.


Living with a cat

Life with a cat is fun. No, not really.

So today Keena decided that it was time to bring a live grasshopper in to show dad. Well, let me tell you, dad was not impressed. And Keena didn't just bring it into the house, no, she had to bring it all the way up to the bedroom.

As if it's not enough that I already have pieces of dead cricket on my bedroom floor, as well as elsewhere in the house, from where she brought those in and played with them.


The latest addition to the fish tank

Well, today I was in the shopping centre, and there was a pet shop, so I decided to see what they had in the line of submarine creatures. And sure enough, they had some fantastic looking snails.

So, yours truly bought himself a snail. There were black and white ones, and the lady at the pet shop kinda dug out a white one before I had a chance to say yea or nay, but it's a beautiful snail none-the-less (never thought I'd say that!).


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