Becoming a Manly Man

So, since we've moved into a new house, I've started becoming more of a Manly Man.

What is a Manly Man, you ask?

A Manly Man is a man who knows how to work on a variety of household things, including kitchen appliances, cars, light fittings, doors, rooms, etc. Painting a room is a Manly Man thing, as is fixing washing machines and fixing door handles, which I did this past week.


A furry visitor

The other night Hannah and I were sitting at our computers in the living room, and I glanced at the kitchen for some or other odd reason. As I stared through the kitchen doorway into nothing, movement caught my eye.

Is that a mouse? I got up and took a closer look. Sure enough, a mouse had climbed up the drain pipe for the non-existent tumble dryer, and was sniffing around and looking at what he had found at the other end of the tunnel.


We've moved!

Well, we've finally finished moving. On Wednesday I handed over the keys to the old place, so we're totally out of there.

Of course, our new house is a mess, since we just moved everything, and didn't take (or have) time to sort through everything. I'm hoping that we can remedy that.

Our new address is Unit 91, Fisherman's Village, Capricorn Beach, 7945. We don't have a telephone, and probably won't get one, since it seems to be an unnecessary expense most of the time. Hannah and I of course have our cellphones.


Sorry for the silence...

Hi Folks,

My most humble apologies to all those folks who like to read our blog. We've been a little on the busy side lately, or a little on the lazy side (take your pick) and haven't written anything in ages.

Well, we had a good Christmas, the first as a couple. We decided to stay home and have our own Christmas lunch, which was delicious and nice and relaxing. Actually, we ended up only having lunch at 17:00 because we fell asleep on the bed shortly after getting home from Church!


Moving... AGAIN...

Yes... we have to move... again...

I was really hoping to stay here in Muizenberg for more than just about 18 months. We really enjoy living here, and it's affordable. Unfortunately, we can't do that much longer.

The person who owns the town house we're in is our landlord's son, who has been in the UK for a few years, but now wants to return to South Africa. Unfortunately for us, that means that he wants his house back, and we have to move out. It's a pain, but I understand why, and I'm not complaining.


A weekend of cleaning - Friday night

This is a bit of a late post... I've had a bit of a hectic week. I'll probably post another entry about this week later today or this evening.

Well, Friday night I decided it was time to clean out the fish tank. I needed to move it off the floor for winter, and you need to empty it in anycase, so why not clean it at the same time. However, this was more of a palava than it sounds.


More fish saga & Mom's arrival

Well, Harry seems to be getting better. I took a good look at him while changing the water of the hospital last night, and the fin rot seems to be receding once again, so I'm confident of his return to health. In other words, the fish medicine seems to be working. This time however, I have decided to wait until I can't see anymore fungus on him before releasing him back to the tank.


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