The new cellphone

I got my new cellphone on Wednesday! A Sony-Ericsson M600i. w00t. Just what I always wanted.

Ok, I'll stop with the short sentences now, and make the rest much longer.

It all started when I saw Jon-David's new phone a while ago. He had just got the M600i, and when I saw it's features, I knew that was the phone I wanted. It's basically a PDA [personal digital assistant] and a cellphone in one, and it features 3G capabilities. The only "down side" is that it doesn't have a camera, but with Hannah's TWO cameras, I think we'll manage ok Laughing.

And so I've been playing around with it. I bought a new bluetooth dongle the other day, one that actually works in Windows (yes, my other one, [a] doesn't work in Windows and [b] I unfortunately still have to use Windows to continue development on, and have been figuring out how to move files between PC and cellphone, and general phone functionality.

So last night I wanted to test 3G from my computer. Hooked up the phone to my PC with the USB cable, the computer saw the device, and saw the "modem" device. Then I tried to figure out how to get my PC to "dial" up. I knew you had to dial a number for GPRS, so I looked for that number online (using my phone of course). Typed in *9***2# according to the CLUG wiki , but that didn't wanna work. So then I waited for later in the evening when I was connected using the landline dialup connection, and found that my number was wrong. It needs to be a 3, not a 2, giving us *9***3#. Tried it out and it worked! w00t! I'm connected at 460Kbps! nearly TEN times as much as my dialup connection.

I just have one problem with the 3G connection. Latency. Which means that Hannah and I cannot use Skype, because we have a 30 second delay. The line is crystal clear, but that's of no use when it takes a minute for 3 words to be said!

Other than that, I'm impressed with my phone. A built in web browser, an RSS aggregator, a few games (which I'll probably almost never use) and I've downloaded MXit (of course) and installed PuTTY as well.

All in all, I'm very happy.