More fish saga & Mom's arrival

Well, Harry seems to be getting better. I took a good look at him while changing the water of the hospital last night, and the fin rot seems to be receding once again, so I'm confident of his return to health. In other words, the fish medicine seems to be working. This time however, I have decided to wait until I can't see anymore fungus on him before releasing him back to the tank.

The other small snail that I bought about 2 weeks ago seems to still be alive. Last week I thought he had left our presence for, erm, greener (???) tanks; i.e. I though he was dead. But I saw him out and going last night. Laster last night, however, I saw him back deep in his shell. I think one of the fish is bothering him. So I put him in a bit more of a sheltered spot. Let's see what happens.

Another thing on the Fish agenda is that I need to move the tank. Lendl told me that where it's sitting at the moment (on the floor) is not suitable for winter. Hmmm. That's true. Better move it. Kitchen counter? Bedroom maybe? Kitchen counter will be a tad warmer than the floor, but not much. Bedroom would be a much better option. I wonder if I can make a plan with my computers and put my fish tank up on top of the geyser cabinet where they are.

And then last, but not least, Mom is coming over for the weekend. She should be arriving tomorrow morning, but exactly when I have no idea. I sms'ed her, but as usual, her phone is off! Useful.