A weekend of cleaning - Friday night

This is a bit of a late post... I've had a bit of a hectic week. I'll probably post another entry about this week later today or this evening.

Well, Friday night I decided it was time to clean out the fish tank. I needed to move it off the floor for winter, and you need to empty it in anycase, so why not clean it at the same time. However, this was more of a palava than it sounds.

I first needed to decide where to move it to. Hmmm... how about up where my server is? In which case, I'll need to move my server... it can go under the bed... there's nothing there. So I first had to move my server. Shutdown network, shutdown server, untangle power and data cables, remove server, pull out cables, push server under bed, crawl under bed after server.... what a mission! Eventually I had my server back up and running, the network working too, no hassles. What a relief, I'm always scared when I move my server, things seem to almost always go wrong.

Now it's time to clean the tank. I put some water in a bucket, and put the fish and the plants in there. Then I emptied the water out, with one brief catastrophe of spilling a couple of litres of water on the floor.  Then I put all the gravel into a container and filled that with water in an effort to clean the gravel, and I took the tank and the gravel to the bathroom.

In the bathroom I cleaned the tank up, scrubbing down the sides and bottom, rinsed out all the dirt. Then I started pouring water into the gravel and sifting it, trying to get all the dirt out of it. After sifting gravel with my hands for about 20 minutes, I decided that I'd done enough, and it was clean enough. Then I hauled the tank out the bath, dried the outside (no need for the inside, it's gonna have water in it!) and took the tank upstairs. Then I drained as much water out of the gravel as possible, and took it upstairs too.

I put the bed filter back in, put a rock on it to keep it in place, and then added a bit of water, just enough to cover the filter. Then I put the gravel back in, covering the bed filter, and added water, rocks and plants after that, as I filled the tank with water. Then the rest of the fish went back in, while Harry went back to his hospital. Then I put the Dolphin filter on the side of the tank and started up both the filters, and fed the fish.

After cleaning everything up and wiping down all the areas and places I got wet, I kinda flopped down into my chair in front of the PC, almost totally exhausted. Time to relax!