My fun friday morning

Well, this morning I decided to take the later train. The train I normally take is at 07:21, and the next train is at 07:30. That meant I could sleep in a little longer.

So what happens? I overslept. Then I got to the station and realised that I had left my ticket at home, so I had to drive all the way back home, and then back to the station again. I got to the station only to discover that there were no more parking spots, so I had to park in a nearby street.

So I reached work at 08:55 today. And all this on the day when I want to leave at 16:00. Fortunately for me, my hours are fairly flexible, so I can leave at 16:00 still, and not feel guilty.

Then again, I do come in BEFORE 08:30 and leave AFTER 16:30 every day, so I'm already doing more time than I supposedly need to.