Some new fish!

As anyone who owns a fish tank knows, fish tend to come and go fairly quickly. Especially in the beginning when you're still learning Wink. And so it has been with us as well.

Well, we were at Blue Route Mall on Saturday, and I decided to get a few more fish, because our tank was looking rather empty. I also decided to get another plant, and have a go again with the floating plants (the last ones I had were eaten).

So we now have another 2 neons (figured we'd be able to make the adjust to the slightly colder water) who seem to have adjusted well to the colder water, and our old neon is enjoying the company. We have another 2 goldfish, one which is orange and white, and another completely orange one.

We discovered only after having put all the fish in the tank that the orange one has a rather nasty gash on his lower jaw, which we're hoping will heal, but only time will tell. The rest are all fine, and despite the shop assistant's warnings that the bigger fish will eat the neons, all the fish seem to be happy together. The neons have a place to hide behind the large chunk of coral, where the bigger fish can't get to, and when they feel threatened, they retreat into there.

Here's a picture of the fish: