Having Fun With Facebook Translations

One of Facebook's recent new features is it's translations. Being South African, I wanted to change my interface to use British english, rather than American english. So I went to change my langauge, and there to my delight I found "English - Pirate". Oh boy, Talk Like A Pirate!

So for the last day or so I've been giggling every now and then from the translations I get. Some of them are cute, some are funny, and then some are "laugh out loud" quality. So here's one of my favourites so far. See if you can spot what this one says Wink

[Your Friend] agrees that ye be mateys. Arrr! Fresh blood on Facebook! Best be showin' 'im the ropes and hail ye mateys who know of this 'scallion. 3 turns o' ye hourglass ago