Fair Trade Chocolate!

My father-in-law, Howard, is big into fair trade goods. This means that goods are generally bought directly from the farmer, labourer or artisan, at a fair price, before being sold to you.

I can understand completely why he likes to support fair trade, and I have decided to see if I can do similar. Unfortunately, I can't always, as money is tight and generally the cheapest option wins for us (especially at the moment).

Recently, however, Cadbury's in South Africa had some huge news as far as fair trade is concerned. Their milk chocolate bars (the plain chocolate ones) are certified fair trade, and proudly display the Fair Trade logo on their wrappers. I was even more delighted to see that I could buy them at my local grocery store, and at the same price its always been. How awesome is that?

Below is a photo of the bars with their green and blue logo:

Fair Trade Cadbury's Chocolate