Zak's Favourite Music

Zak has always loved music, but we don't really have any kiddies music to play for him, so he listens to the same music that we do. He listens to dance, hip hop, and even heavy metal (with Raoul only, not me), along with all of our more "normal" rock and pop, and he loves it all. Thankfully all the music we listen to is Christian and we don't have to worry about what he hears in the music. I sometimes wonder if he's missing out on something by not hearing the kids music and I do try to sing some with him from time to time, but he seems to prefer "real" music.

One of his favourite songs right now is "Jesus Muzik" by Lecrae (ft. Trip Lee), or more specifically the dubstep remix by Karac. He runs around the house singing "Ridin' wif da top down listenin' ta music!"

He even screams along with Raoul's heavy metal. The current favourite song in that genre right now is "Life War" by Demon Hunter.

Zak is also starting to sing along with songs in Disney movies. His current favourite Disney song is "Hakuna Matata" (Of course! Who doesn't like that song?). Today he's come up to both Raoul and I several times and said, "Kuna tada- say that?" Meaning, "Say (or in this case sing) Hakuna Matata!" He's really starting to sing along pretty well, just a half second after us so that he can hear the words first as we sing it. When he sings it on his own he sings "Kuna tada no worries!" over and over. When he was singing it after me a few minutes ago, came out with this gem as I was singing the "it's our problem free philosophy..." line. His version went, "No problem freaks..." I managed to finish the song without busting our laughing, but I had to then tell Raoul and write about it. Oh he's just SO funny sometimes! I'm going to miss all these cute little flubs when he's older!