Anatomy Lessons from a Toddler

Zak, like any other toddler, is learning anatomy as he grows up. We have many notable moments of hilarity when Zak announces certain anatomical and medical "facts" to us.

When Zak was sick a little while back, Hannah taught him about how the "white blood cells fight yucky germs" and so he often announces that to anyone who will hear him, including little old ladies in the grocery store.

The one day, Zak proudly announced to me, when I was kissing him goodnight in his bed, that "white blood cells fight yucky germs in the nipples!"

Another notable announcement happened this evening. While Hannah was changing him into his pyjamas, Zak ran out his room and into my study, naked as the day, and proudly announced to me, "Zak has a wee-wee,  and legs, and nipples!" and then ran back to mom.

Such is life with a toddler... extremely frustrating at times, and downright fall-off-your-chair-laughing hilarious at other times.