Imaginative Eating

Today Raoul made an extremely delicious cottage/shepherds pie (mmmmm, nothing better in winter!). Zak's not always a very good eater and lately it's been frustrating because he takes soooooooooo long to finish his food (even food that he likes perfectly well). Well, Zak seems to be a big fan of cottage pie because he ate it well at both lunch and supper. Tonight at supper, he scooped up a huge spoonful proclaiming, "BIG dinosaur bite!" (Anything particularly large or impressive is "dinosaur".) He then proceeded thusly: "Wooo Woooo ch-ka ch-ka ch-ka wooo woooo! In the tunnel!" And carefully manuevered his whole "big dinosaur bite" into his mouth.

We don't have to make eating exciting for him- he does it all on his own!